Publications of Douglas B. Olds

Pastoral Psychology, Religious Conversion,

Eco-Ecclesiology, Human Development

1. Olds, Douglas B. (2020) “Praxis for Care of the Atmosphere in Times of Climate Change: Analysis, Quantitative Methods, and Ecclesial Development.” Dissertation. San Francisco Theological Seminary/Graduate School of Theology at the University of Redlands, 2020.

2. Olds, Douglas B. (2009). Dialectical Displacement and Redeployment of Attachments in a “Kenotic” Mode of Conversion: The “Leaving Behind” of Anton Boisen in Psychosis. Pastoral Psychol 58 (4), 417-432.

The author's draft is accessible by clicking on its title above and is published online in corrected proofs for subscribers of at

3. Olds, Douglas, Evans Presley-McGowan and Carol Robb (2009). CY 2008 CO2 Emission Audit and Analysis of Carbon Footprint: Report of the Green Seminary Initiative Group, San Francisco Theological Seminary

The news release for this report includes a summary

4. Olds, Douglas B. (2008). In the Shadow Side of Hope : Charisma and Mutuality in the Pastoral Care of Men with Tendencies toward Affective Disturbance. Pastoral Psychol 56, 593 - 608.

The publication of Pastoral Psychology, 56 (6): 593-608 appeared as DOI: 10.1007/s11089-008-0145-y available through

5. Olds, Douglas (1997). Adding Duty to Opportunity in the "Capabilities" Approach: A Proposal for Sustainable Human Development. Journal of Public and International Affairs, 8: 91-107.